Solar Panel Installation Services with Solar Market in Australia

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Do you require solar panel installation services with Solar Market? Solar Market is Australia’s premier solar installer. We offer both residential and commercial solar panel installation services, and we are known for our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. Our techs are authorized professionals, and we provide you with a high-quality product every time.

What Does Solar Market Offer?

We have been working in the solar industry since 2008, during which time we have installed over 50,000 panels across the country. Our customers are very satisfied with their new solar installations, and we consistently earn an NPS of over 80%.


Solar Market has been voted one of the top 3 solar installers in Australia by The Solar Power Guide each year since 2012. We have also won an award from NSW Sustainability Awards and have been mentioned in The Sun Herald as one of the best solar installers in New South Wales.

The Solar Market experience includes:

  • Free consultation – a member of our team will visit you on-site to assess your energy needs and provide a free quote for your installation;
  • Home energy audit – one of our specialists will conduct an audit of your home or business to determine how much solar power you need;
  • Panel installation – once your panels arrive, we’ll schedule a convenient time to install them on your roof so there’s no interruption in service;
  • Customer support – if you have any questions before, during, or after the installation process, we’re always here to help!

We’re Environmental Conscious

We take pride in using only the best materials for our products. We also use industry-leading mounting systems to ensure that your new installation will last for years to come.


Our solar panels installation services with Solar Market can help you save money on your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and help the environment by lessening your dependence on fossil fuels. Find us today on our webpage to learn more about our products and services!