Equal opportunity & Financial Services

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Equal opportunity

The issue of equal opportunity is very important to TAFE Institutes. Students must have equal rights and equal access togoods, services, education and employment opportunities so that they can successfully complete their course requirements and confidently embark on their future careers.

Counsellors are available to support students who are from under-respresented or disadvantaged groups in their bid for equality.

To find out more about Equal Opportunity group membership, grievance procedures, students’ rights and responsibilities and sexual harassment guidelines, visit the websites below.

Financial Services

Financial, banking and legal advice and support is offered by most TAFE Institutes.

Financial advice includes Youth Allowance/Austudy, accommodation allowance, fee-free banking, learner emergency loans and fee-refund advice. Budgeting advice is provided to students who wish to clarify and better-manage their living and academic expenses. Interest-free loans are provided by some Institutes for course fees, books and course materials.

Free legal advice and representation is also available for students at some TAFE Institutes.